Minimum Contribution Size

Initial Contribution - $25,000

Additional Contributions - $250 for check contributions; $10 for credit card contributions (Please note: all credit card contributions incur a 3.5% processing fee)

Minimum Grant Size$250

International Grantmaking

Contact ImpactAssets for more information.

Annual Administrative Fees

First $100,000 – 1.00%

Next $400,000 – 0.75%

Next $500,000 – 0.50%

Next $9,000,000 – 0.25%

Over $10,000,000 – 0.125%

Private Debt & Equity Funds


Investment Fees

Investment fees vary depending on how your account is invested. For direct impact private debt and equity funds, the 0.40% fee reflects an administrative fee and may be also be subject to underlying fund manager fees. Minimum investment is $10,000.

For client recommended investments, donor sourced individual investment deals reflect a setup, management and exit fee structure. Donor sourced funds may be subject to the underlying fund manager fee structure, which will vary by fund. For mutual funds and exchange traded funds, the fees are in the form of operating expenses charged by the fund provider.