An ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund account can be established by completing the steps below and providing an initial charitable contribution of $25,000 or more. You are eligible for a tax deduction upon funding your account. Once your account is established, you may make additional contributions at any time (minimums may apply).

Step 1: Review the ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund Program Circular
Program Circular contains a detailed description of the establishment, maintenance, features, fees, and the donor’s relationship to an account.

Step 2: Select Impact Investments
Decide how you want to invest your account balance. You can select from a range of impact investing options to meet your investment and grantmaking time horizon, risk appetite and liquidity needs. To obtain a copy of the Investment Supplement with an overview of our current impact investing options, contact our Client Engagement team at Once selected, complete the Investment Allocations section of the application.

Step 3: Email or mail your completed application to ImpactAssets along with the initial contribution ($25,000 minimum). You’ll be eligible for an immediate tax deduction.
We accept:

  • cash
  • checks
  • wire transfers
  • cryptocurrency
  • securities
  • other illiquid assets

You’ll receive confirmation including online account login details once your account is activated.

Download application here